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Monday, May 18, 2009


I read a friend's poem (his own composition) and I was deeply moved by it. inspired me to write this poem a little over a year ago. I still couldn't think of a title appropriate for this.

Hollow, empty, poignant
Such miserable feeling has taken me over
Melancholy reflected in my eyes so wistful
Worsening each day that passes me by
No hope of relinquishing this dire sensation inside

Days pass by without a gleam of hope
To have someone fill the emptiness of my barren soul
Until the night he walked into my life
Giving me sanguiness to go on with my life

Bliss, serenity, felicity
We lived in a world of seventh-heaven
His voice and laughter are like music to my ears
Endless delectation has filled my mystique
The phantom was filled with enchantment and passion

Misery, anguish, desolation
A nebula of gloom came without warning
Took the man far off to an endless crevasse
Unfathomable feelings came over me
A teardrop brought me back to reality

Once again hollow, empty poignant.

Suggestions for a title, anyone?


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