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Monday, May 4, 2009

Review: MAC Mineralize Grand Duo - Intenso

I've had this blush for a little over a month now. Wait, I'm not sure how long I've had it but this is my favorite blush as of the moment. I always bring this blush when I go out. I've used it several times and I never made a dent. Since there are 2 colors in it, it's like I get 3 colors in just 1 compact. I can either use only the peach-gold side or the pretty pinkish-red one, or I can combine both colors. It's so worth it for me. And a little goes a long way - this is such an overused phrase when it comes to make up. :D

MAC described Intenso as Orange yellow mélange / Deep brown. Er, IMHO, it's not anywhere near that description. The SA was offering me Light over Dark but I refused because Intenso caught my eye and I instantly fell in love with it. I just gotta have it. When I got home I couldn't stop looking at it because it's gorgeous. I was like a kid who was given a candy and was really happy about it. This blush is so pigmented so I need a very light hand when applying this. I overdid it the first time I used it and I ended up looking like a clown. But it looks oh-so-natural when applied using a stippling brush. But I just tried it tonight with my EcoTools blush brush and with a light hand, it looks perfectly fine. No need to make my MAC 187's white bristles pink.

Time for pictures!

Without flash

With flash


And here's what it looks like on my chubby cheeks. ^_^ I am NC30 for reference.

-it's like 3 blushes in 1
-highly pigmented
-not too shimmery for me
-blush and highlighter in one
-locally available

-this one costs PHP1400 bucks (a little pricey but definitely worth it)
-LE (limited edition)
-a little more sensitive than the usual MAC blush
-do not ever ever depot
-can make you look clownish if not applied carefully

IMO, this blush can be worn by any skin tone. You just hafta be careful in applying it because you might end up looking like a clown just like what happened to me. But with proper application, I am pretty sure this will turn out beautifully on your skin.

Ta! :D

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