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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

yum moments: cheesy creamy rainy tuesday afternoon...

I know I haven't posted anything beauty-related and my last two posts were all about food. So now, here's another post that has something to do with, again, food. ^_^

I've been craving for a creamy pasta but I couldn't buy the ingredients for baked ziti since it is raining hard (finally! hallelujah!) so I just sort of "edited" or "revised" or "improvised" on the instant mac & cheese here from Kraft foods. Since I find it kinda bland, I had to add something else that would make it really cheesy and creamy. I added more milk, butter, trusty old cheese whiz, mozzarella, and a little Parmesan. And oh, a few small slices of ham so it won't be all-macaroni.

So, macaroni and cheese, anyone? ^_^


  1. Shoot. Your food posts always make me hungry!

  2. malapit na ako mag asawa....

    your food posts will help me a lot as to what foods are easy to cook... i hope you can list down the ingredients. thank you so much :)

  3. Yummy! I should treat Hubby with macaroni and cheese. Darn! I should start learning how to cook now.

  4. Thanks, guys. Here's how to cook mac & cheese the easy way.

    You'll need the following:
    -cheese whiz
    -cheddar or any cheese will do (quickmelt so you can see the cheese melt right before your eyes)
    -ham or bacon bits
    -a little basil or thyme (if you like it with herbs)

    How to do it:
    -cook macaroni on boiling water for 8-10 minutes or until tender

    -melt butter on a heated pan
    -add ham or bacon

    then wait for the macaroni to cook

    once macaroni is cooked, just drain water but do not rinse the macaroni, then put everything on the pan where your ham and butter are. add a cube of butter, pour milk and the cheese altogether and mix, mix, mix til you get your desired cheese and creaminess. sprinkle the herbs if desired.

    add a little chili powder for a nice burst of flavor. ^_^

    hope that helps, ladies. :P

  5. YAY, I was about to comment on the recipe. Thanks. Definitely a must try !


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