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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Product Review: Ellana Minerals Lip and Cheek Tint in Ruby

I broke my no-buy mode Wednesday last week because I've been lemming for a lip & cheek tint. I want to give it another try so I won't have to reapply my blush when I go out. Since I go for the natural/no-make up look, I figured a cheek tint is my best bet. I had a not-so-good experience with cheek tints years ago because since I didn't know how to properly apply it, I always ended up looking like a clown. Betty Boop-ish cheeks, if I may add. And because I am once again a cheek tint newbie, I didn't want to splurge on it. Benetint's quite expensive and I find TheBody Shop's a little overpriced too. I checked out eBay and saw a listing for Ellana Minerals' Lip & Cheek Tint in Ruby and Amethyst. I looked at the pictures and saw that Ruby is the reddish one and Amethyst is the purple one so I decided to go for Ruby. I received it yesterday and immediately put it to test. I applied it at around 4pm and I was surprised that by 11pm, the tint is still there. It lasted for a good 7 hours on my oily skin. Plus my cheeks look flushed even after 7 hours.

I got a 20ml bottle for 180 bucks which isn't bad, considering that you only need very little amount for each cheek. It looks bloody red but when blended well, it gives a very natural rosy glow on the cheeks.

On the label, it says:

Gives a gorgeous rosy glow that lasts the whole day. Gives a sheer and beautiful no make up look while moisturizing your skin. Doesn't dry easily giving you enough time to blend.

And here's what I like about this product:
-hypoallergenic, non comedogenic
-looks very natural on the cheeks
-lasts a very long time, even on my oil mine of a face
-has aloe vera extracts which moisturizes the skin as well
-very easy to blend
-locally available, a local product
-cheap, for only PHP180 bucks/20ml
-hygeinic, the pump bottle keeps the product from getting contaminated
-gives you control on the amount of product that gets squeezed out but you have to use a light hand

What I do not dig about this product:
-no cap on

So far, I am liking this product. And hopefully, I do not break out with it.

Ta! ^_^

And oh...

I bumped my knee somewhere and I had a nasty bruise with a bump and.....



..... open wound. Nasty!


  1. they ve got a new packaging..i like this one pammy,matagal nga siya mawala sa face kahit na super oily ako and it did not broke me out!.saka sa lips mgnda siya nlalagay ko siya beogr i put lipstick kasi pag nala lipstick k ang red pa dn ng lips ko coz of this hehe.bad part is no cap nga nilagyan k nlng ng casize na cap ung akn hehe

  2. Whoa! I had to remember that you were from the Philippines - that's why, you said 180 bucks! I was going to say "Giiiiirl, that's not cheap!" Hahaha (: But dang! it looks like blood at first, yiiiikes!

    AHHH! I hate cuts, haha.

  3. Shobe, i haven't tried it on my lips but i will try that today. thanks for the tip. :) it looks like the red thingie you put on the nails when you have a manicure/pericure. :)

    Cheysser, sorry! I should've included a PHP or a $ sign to avoid confusion. And yes, it looks like blood that's why it looks so natural. :) i hate cuts too. i hate the scar part the most though.

  4. Hi Pammy! Thanks for the sweet comment.

    Ellana lip and cheek tint looks promising! Well, I'm a fan of their mineral makeup.

    And you have a bruise. Didn't you just break your ankle I think about a week ago? I hope you'll be okay. Hmmm, what's bothering you sis?

  5. this is such a bestseller and i haven't come across anyone who doesn't like it! i love this too!! :) i don't use it though when i have big breakouts... makes my pimple redder. hehehe.. i love ammethyst. :) it tones down the yellowness of my cheeks when its free from blemishes. :) i love this too!! :) can't believe girls now have a cheaper alternative for cheektints, before i make tyaga sving for TBS. :)

  6. Golden, I am just waaay too clumsy. ^_^ I am sure you will love this too. :)

    Shen, you are right, this is waaay cheaper than TBS and even Benetint. Really? I'll try amethyst one of these days. :)

  7. this is a good review, i'd like to get my own, too :) i started following you, nice blog :)


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