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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yay! Pop Beauty!

Yesterday, I was bummed about not yet receiving my package. Guess what I saw when I woke up this morning? ^_^

My USPS package!!!!! Yay!!!

It was bubble-wrapped and there's a thank you card as well.

See how pretty the blush is? It was definitely worth the wait.

I tried it on my cheeks and it's so pretty.

Comparing it with my MAC blush, it sure is bigger.

I like that the 5 shades of pink blend well altogether and create a very pretty pink on the cheeks. But I noticed that the darker ones are pigmented whereas the lighter pinks aren't that pigmented at all. But I guess the lighter ones aren't supposed to be that pigmented to somehow neutralize the bright pigmented ones. Or am I just trying to convince myself? ^_^

Another thing I like about this blush is that it's easy to swirl your blush brush due to its size.

It has 12g of product which is about the same as MAC Blot. I hope it lasts me a long time!

Oh, and the thing I like the most about it is that it doesn't take much product to show up on my skin. Just one dab of the brush on the product is enough to cover one cheek.

Not crazy about the container though. I'm not so sure if the tin can can serve as a "protection" because it looks frail to me. So I just hafta be careful when I use or bring this blush along with me so as to not drop and wreck it.

Package was stamped June 4, 2009 so I am assuming it arrived here on that date. It took them 5 days to deliver which kinda surprised me. Oh well, at least I was able to finally get my hands on it. And it is so worth the 17 days wait. Oooh lala! ^_^


  1. crystal, it is prettier in person. ^_^

    golden, it sure is the right term= eye candy ^_^

  2. wow.. i have been wanting pop beauty blush in sunset and sunrise.. this one look is prettier

  3. Hi! May I ask which ebay shop you bought this? Haven't tried ordering from an international ebay seller...

  4. Hi kryng. I got this from eBay seller "seanala". Nice seller.


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