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Thursday, November 5, 2009

After Using CURE and Aztec...

I was so eager to try the samples yesterday that I used three out of the four items I received. First, I tried CURE Aqua Gel. After that, I then slathered on some Aztec Healing Clay on my face. I would just like to share how my skin looked like after using both products.

See the zit scar on my chin and cheek? It annoys me. :( One was caused by the charcoal masque. I had a pimple on that chin and I applied the masque (stupid me) and the skin was peeled together with the masque. Ouch! The one on the cheek, I forgot which product caused it. But they're starting to lighten so I'm cool with it. :)

A closer look at my skin. I swear I wasn't wearing any make up when I took these shots. :) Other than those two zit scars, I have moles on my cheek. So sorry for the molies. :P

I will do a separate review on both products once I have used them long enough. But I can say that they are really really promising. :)


I have a new job in Eastwood. I just got hired today (was done in 30 minutes) and will wait for a call regarding the training schedule. And it is a day job. No more night shift for me. Yey! This is a boring and a nonsense post. I'm just happy. :P

Happy rainy Thursday, girls. :)


  1. yeay congratz !
    whats cure and aztec btw?loll
    post full review soon,im curious,u got flawless skin !loll

  2. Congratulations sis! I hope this job won't "abuse" *remembers how they treated you at your old job* you.

    I still find your skin more flawless than mine. :D

  3. ehehe.congrats on your new job ^^.i love reading your job ventures,maybe one day you'll see a message from me asking for your help or advice...since i dont have any job experiences...and aztec really rocks as a clay mask ayt!.using it now as a spot treatment for the zits that mac caused me

  4. Congratulations on your new job!!! yupee! Up close your skin looks great :)

  5. Congrats, Pammy! It's a happy day for me too, because the Sweetie got a new and better job too, same as you, TODAY! =D

    You are flawless grabe!

  6. congrats on the new job,girl!

    i told you you would find a job sooner or later. & i hope that this new job would not have any colleague the same attitude with your ex-boss~!

    clay mask works wonders,right?

    you look naturally glowing!

  7. Vanilla, thank you! :) Cure aqua gel helps exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Aztec is a clay mask. :P

    Golden, thanks sis. You still remember it. :P I hope so too. :P

    Shobe, thank you. Feel free to ask. :) I hope Aztec works and gets rid of those MAC-caused zits.

    Nikki, thank you. Cure and Aztec work! :P

    Dang, thanks! Good luck to your Sweetie and congrats to his new job too. :P

    Malds, thank you. Try these prods na rin. :P

    Thiamere, thank you. :P There will be another one like her, definitely, but I just hope our paths won't cross. Hehe. Yes, clay mask works wonders. :)

  8. Your skin looks awesome!

    Congrats and good luck on your new job! I hope you'll find satisfaction and happiness in it unlike in the previous one.:)

  9. gurl congrats on your new job! btw, ang ganda ng skin mo!

  10. Thank you, Soapaholic. :) I hope so too. :)

    Crystal, thank you. :P

    Cure and Aztec really works. :)

  11. Hey congrats on your new job! Plus your skin looks great and healthy!

  12. Pammy,

    your skin looks soft and supple ah! cure+aztec seems to be a great find for you. keep us updated!

    and great job on being hired! *clap clap* night jobs can take a toll on our skin, y'know, so, it's good to know you bagged that daytime job.

  13. Arj, yes. I might find myself purchasing a full size of each since they are working for me. :) Go try them too. :P

    Yeah, my skin acts up when I work at night. Never ending zit every now and then. :)


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