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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yey! I'm, glad my COTD idea didn't suck. :P

I already fell asleep but I suddenly woke up and remembered I had to post the NARS Taos COTD. :) So here it is.

This looks mighty scary on the pan and a lot of people say it is better for medium-dark skin tones. I think not. :P

It looks so natural on my cheeks. I got flushed cheeks! :P

Lips: Palmer's Lip Butter, very light dab of MAC Cosmo l/s

I hope you like my COTD2. :P

Tomorrow, I might wear either NARS Crazed or Chanel JC Tea Rose but I'm not sure yet because I have a "date" after work so I might use my HG Chanel In Love instead. :P

Ta! :)

***I noticed that most of my pics have pretty much the same angle. They may look the same but they are different shots, ok? :P ***


  1. Nice color on you! I want all NARS blushes don't you? :)

  2. I like your COTD idea! And you're right, the color looks so natural on you.:)

  3. this is really pretty! You have great choices for blushes!

  4. I'm still on the learning curve with this blush! Super pigmented! :)

  5. its super scary on the pan but very natural on your cheeks Pammy! what blush brush did you use?

  6. Caby, I want them all! Well, not all but almost all of them. :P

    Gale, it is pretty! :D

    Soapaholic, thank you! :P

    Thanks, Charry. :)

    Nikki, thank you. The blush is really pretty. :P

    Bec, it is super pigmented but you'll eventually get the hang of it. ;)

    Khymm, I used a stippling brush on this one. Etude House to be more specific. :)

    Jamilla, thank you! :D

  7. Sis babyjap mentioned na Taos stained her stippling brush kaya medyo scared ako. How about you sis? Nag stain din ba sa etude mo si Taos?

  8. Bec, it did not stain my Etude stippling brush but it did stain my MAC 187 together with Crazed and a Kryolan blush. :(


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