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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CURE, Aztec, Pigeon, Charcoal

I couldn't think of any title for this post so I was uber creative with it. Haha! :P Anyway, I woke up this morning with a package at the side of my bed. In it are the samples from babyjap. I received the following samples from her.

- Saizen Charcoal Cleanser (although I received a tube :P)
- CURE (natural aqua gel) - tried this and it works! It really exfoliates without the beads. :)
- Aztec Healing Clay - a lot of product inside the container
- Pigeon Two Way Cake - imagine a two-way cake available at the baby section? :P It is nice. :)

I have tried CURE and I am going to try the Aztec Healing Clay later. Thanks a million, sister. :P


  1. i wanna try CURE too!! but a bottle is too expensive for me :( let us know what you think of AZTEC sis ha <3

  2. Nice samples, I'm curious about the healing clay =)

    BTW, I just noticed you like cats! I'm a cat & dog person, but I fell in love with cats first, I had like a dozen na since childhood. I like them, even the stray ones! =P

  3. Hi Dang, I tried the healing clay too this afternoon. My skin felt smooth and soft and the pores were like tightened. :) I love it.

    Yes, I am a cat person. I've had more than 20 cats since I was a kid. But I have none na since I am asthmatic. :( I play even with the stray cats. :P

  4. wow! may 2 way cake na pala ngayon ang Pigeon.. this looks promising.. cant wait for your review.. sana its available here..

  5. Khymm, I tried it this afternoon and I actually find it nice. :) The SRP is only PHP299. :P

  6. OMG I want that Cure! :D Yun lang ang reason kaya gusto ko pumunta ng SG hehe. Nice, check ko si BabyJap :D

  7. Kaye, babyjap's not a seller of Cure ha. :p She just nice enough to give me samples of these products so I can try them before I decide to buy. :P

  8. May shades ba yang 2-way cake? They have those in a PCX store near me, pero I didn't bother to check. Mukhang promising eh.

  9. i haven't tried to visit girltalk website .. nice goodies and SOOOO cute layout and header

    btw thank you for the comment Ms. Pammy

  10. Mel, I think meron kasi the shade is fair yellow. :)

    Louie, go visit GT. But be ready to be BI'd. :P Thanks, Louie. :P


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