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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

COTD (Cheek of the Day): Chanel Irreelle Blush in In Love

Yey! This is my first COTD! :P I finally managed to make a post since I haven't fallen asleep yet. Last Monday and yesterday (Tuesday), I fell asleep at 5pm then woke up at 4am. That's how badly I am adjusting to the morning shift. Hehe. That's 11 hours of sleep for moi. :)

Lemme know if my COTD idea is nonsense so I won't make another post like this.

So for today, I used Chanel Irreellee Blush in In Love. I will start using all my blushes so nothing will remain unused. Yes, even those with very cute designs have to be used starting today.

I will post a picture of the blush I used and another one with it on my cheeks. :)

On my cheeks

Tomorrow, I am going to use NARS Taos.

I hope you're all having a great week so far! :)


  1. Can't wait for tomorrow! I am still having a hard time using my taos. :( Laging sobra! Mauubos ang powder foundation ko kaka patong sa cheeks ko, lol

  2. Bec, haha! Ganyan din ako sa Taos minsan, patong ng foundation kasi sumobra. :P Sometimes, I just very lightly dab a quarter lang na part of the stippling brush on the pan para di sumobra. :P

  3. looks so pretty !hehe
    wow taos is so pigmented and extreme !lol

  4. Vanilla, it is uber pigmented and yes, extreme is the right word! :P

  5. hi pammy!
    the idea of having COTD is cute! heehee the blush looks so pretty on you!! heehee :) ill stay tuned for more COTDs :)

  6. what a nice idea
    cheek of the day

    very unique

    that's such a nice color,hun!

  7. Love the blush on you! lookin cute and natural :)

    I love the fact that you like cats & nickelback at the same time! i'm so following! :D

  8. lovin how the cheeks complement the pretty lip color! btw, what lip stuff did you use in this COTD? >.<

  9. that's a beautiful color. i like the cotd idea :)

  10. Cha, thank you. It is a pretty blush :P

    Thiamere, thank you. Yeah, it is a nice color. :)

    Mia, yay too! :P

    Fifi, thank you. Yeah, Nickelback rocks! And cats too. :P

    Nikki, thank you. :)

  11. Arg, I used Stila Pixie l/s topped with Stila Starfruit lip glaze. :P

    Ida, glad you liked it. :P

    Golden, thank you. :P

    Jamilla, thank you. :P

  12. How pretty! This is exactly how I want my cheeks to look!

  13. Tish, me too. That's why this has become my HG blush. :)


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