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Monday, November 2, 2009

The Masks

Here's what I'm getting hooked into lately. Facial masks. :P I went to the Watson's today and went home with all these.

I got the following:
- Purederm strawberry yogurt pack - 5 pieces
- Purederm grape yogurt pack - 2 pieces
- iwhite pore refining coffee sugar polish - 5 pieces
- Purederm dual wellbeeing pack - 5 pieces
- Purederm pearl essence mask
- iwhite whitening pack
- iwhite skin whitening vita moisturizing facial wash - 2 pieces

And a big jar of petroleum jelly. :P

I love the Purederm masks and the iwhite coffee thingie. :P I have yet to try those other iwhite products and the purederm pearl essence mask. :P

Weee! I hope these masks won't erase my face. Haha! :P

By the way, my mom gave me this.

I like it a lot. :P


  1. lol i like masks too but i can't find the time to do it often :P

  2. i tried looking for purederm masks this afternoon at watsons but i didn't find any :(

  3. Crystal, haha. :P I am too lazy sometimes to apply masks. :)

    Cha, awww. There are lots of these at the branch I got these from. :(

  4. i love those watsons brand masks, i think they have like 6 varieties of it. i just feel so pampered and refreshed when i use them :)

  5. I've tried those masks..they were nice, but the iwhite one, I find it quite difficult to remove :)

  6. those are a lot of masks! ^.^ It does feel refreshing whenever you put a mask at night after surviving a grueling day of workload...

  7. Janelle, they are really that good? i find them a little expensive but I'll try it. ;)

    Nikki, I haven't tried the iwhite mask yet. Hopefully, it won't give me a hard time. :)

    Chelle, yes it really does. I feel refreshed and relaxed. :)

    Pusit, try na those purederm maskes you hoarded. :P

  8. eek cute masks !
    i think im gonna star my new addicitoon,kawaii masks !lolll

  9. wow ang dami! hehe.. when i pass by watsons i kept forgetting to buy one.. wanna try the strawberry mask.

  10. I saw these in watsons and git intrigued with the yogurt (since I love eating yougurt hehe), but for some reason I got the garnier instead. I'll give this a try next time =) Thanks for teh buzz!

  11. i want to try the strawberry mask but i have oily & acne prone skin..i'm afraid it might broke me out..


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