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Monday, November 2, 2009

Japanese Foundations Rock!!!

For a few years now, MAC has been my HG (Holy Grail) in powder foundation. Unlike some girls, I never broke out with it, even with everyday use. I loved the flawless finish and how it helped keep the oilies at bay. However, it never stopped me from trying other foundies and I started trying out Japanese brands. Then I got hooked into them, each taking MAC's place as my HG foundation.

So far, these are only the Japanese foundies that I have.
- Shiseido Supplist Poreless
- Kanebo Coffret D'or
- Kanebo Revue Still Keep
- Chifure
- Fasio Fit & Stay
- IN2IT Oil Control Foundation

Kanebo Revue Still Keep in crushed powdered form after I dropped it. :(

These are the reasons why I dig Japanese foundies and why I suggest you try 'em:
- They are very well suited and formulated for Asian skin.
- The finish is simply amazing.
- Texture is perfect, smooth and silky and soft.
- They are the ones that tend to really look natural once they blend with your skin.
- Flawless! Luminous!
- Porcelain-like skin.
- Since these are suited for Asian skin, I hardly ever experienced breaking out with any of these. I did get a zit or two but I guess it's just hormones. But with Fasio, I did get a zit right the next day after using it.
- It feels and looks like second skin.
- Just my observation - when my face starts to oil up, it looks dewy rather than icky oily.

Of course, no product is perfect and even these Japanese foundies have drawbacks.

What may hold you back:
- They tend to be really expensive, at least here in the Philippines but I dunno in other locations. The cheapest among these 7 is Fasio Fit & Stay which has been pulled out from Rustan's. Thus, making IN2IT the cheapest.
- Some may look dark in the pan but goes on light when applied on the face so you have to be careful in choosing the right shade for you because you might end up looking like a ghost.

So now that I have named the reasons why I am loving Japanese foundies, can you blame me for that? MAC will forever hold a place in my heart (ooops, I am getting cheesy now) for being my first HG foundie. But too bad the Japs kicked its behind. :P

Of course, these are based on my experience in using these foundies. You may or may not have exprerienced the same thing. Some may not like these at all and would prefer really super high end brands with uber sky-high prices too but these Japanese foundies do the job for me. In fact, they do an excellent job for me.

I have yet to try other brands such as Shu Uemura and others but I will soon. But one thing is certain. I have found 2 HG's among these. ;-) Kanebo and Shiseido. Who knows? Maybe I'll end up loving Shu uemura too once i get to try it too. But it has to play the waiting game with me as I have these and other foundies to use up. Oh, but knowing myself, I might get a Shu one of these days. Hopefully, I can hold the lemming until next year.

Oh, is Paul & Joe a Japanese brand too? :P


  1. I am loving Paul & Joe and they are made in Japan :) Yuppe for Japanese foundations :)

  2. I agree with Japanese foundations! =) The powder is usually finely milled and it goes on smoothly... I'm using Kanebo and this is my second pan but the compact is still sturdy so that's a plus point for me.

    I saw Fasio products in Rustan's Essenses in Robinson Place and in Glorietta just beside Stila's counter =) It's just recent so I think they still have Fasio stuffs there.

  3. japanese makeup rules! haha. from what i know paul and joe is a japanese-french brand.

  4. waaaaaaaaaa

    pammy my dearrrrr

    im interested about kanebo!!! i wonder how much???

  5. I'm gonna get Paul&Joe for Christmas! :D I was inspired by Nikki of Askmewhats hehe. Now i'm super excited :D

    And yes, P&J is a Japanese brand.

  6. Nikki, yikes! One more lemming. Paul & Joe foundation. :P

    Chelle, I really love Kanebo. Second pan too and still using the Lunasol compact. Sturdy indeed. :)

    Crystal, yes they rule!!! :P

    Jing, prices differ. Revue refills are 2.1k, Coffret D'or are 2k, Lunasol is 2.4k, Freshel (more of a pressed powder) are 750 bucks. :P Impress, I dunno. Too expensive. :)

    Kaye, I'll wait for your review too. I have read Nikki's too. :P

  7. i have yet to try japanese foundations, but now i want to!

  8. eek do u know how frustrating it is to read blog and reviews and not being able to use those coz i have super sensitive skin??loll
    i believe those japanese fundie gives really flawless complexion result

  9. Get Shu na. Para I can live vicariously through you haha! Mahal eh!

  10. the only japanese foundie i've tried is In2it.. =)

  11. sis, have you sent my stuff na? i forgot kasi kung oo or hindi, haha.

  12. hi pammy! i agree with you, japanese makeup brands fit our skin.
    Shu eumura is a dream... flawless yet very light on the skin. drawback is... the price. Last time i got one was about 2 years ago and it's already at P2,500 ----the dual powder foundation. now i have no idea!! baka d ko na ma reach!! :)

  13. Amy, you should really give Japanese foundies a try. :P

    Vanilla, that's sad. :( But they really do give a flawless finish.

    Malds, I'm broke. Haha! :D

    Khymm, sad to say. I broke out with In2It. :(

    Dulcette, they were supposed to be picked up by Xend. Our maid swituched waybills and they couldn't decide which package goes with which waybill. I wasn't home when manong xend came so he'll come back tomorrow. Actually, I haven't told you yet if it has been shipped or not. Thanks

    Imlee, the price scared me. Now it had me thinking twice about trying Shu. :(


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