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Saturday, November 28, 2009


Since I am more of a flip flops and jeans girl, I need to start buying shoes that are okay for smart casual attire. Yesterday, my colleagues and I went to Cybermall in Eastwood during our lunch break and I spotted a small bazaar inside the mall and saw some shoes being sold for PHP599 for two pairs. Only one pair caught my eye and that's the only pair I bought so I ended up paying PHP320 instead. I don't know how to haggle so I just paid for it. I knew it's a little too much for an unbranded and "tiangge shoes" but I really like it so I settled for the price.

On moi!

I am loving bargain shopping! I will definitely do bargain shopping again soon. :P

Last night, I went to Katips again with someone and Zombie had its toll on me once more. :P Nevertheless, it was another fun evening. :) Tonight will be our company's early Christmas party in Katipunan. There will be a live band and hard drinks and buffet. I can see myself looking for Advil tomorrow morning. :)


  1. Love the peep toes. They look so pretty on your feet. :)

  2. i need to have a peep toe shoes...i liked my last pair but it broke...kasi poor quality cutekasi eh.hehe.

  3. Shobe, so sad naman what happened to your peep toes. :(

    Gale, they are pretty. :P

    Malds, surprisingly, di ko namimiss paghoard ng make up. Natamad na ako bigla. Haha! :P

  4. hi girl napadaan lang tnx for droppin' by my blog ^_^. Curious lang me, Emily ka rin girl ? hehe ^_^


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