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Sunday, November 1, 2009

IN2IT Oil Control Powder Foundation + Freebies

Happy All Saint's Day, everyone! :P It's a Sunday and I got a surprise. Xend delivered a package! I wasn't expecting it because it's a Sunday. The rider told me that the one covering Marikina had an accident and might not be able to deliver tomorrow so he took the responsibility of delivering stuff for our area today even though he covers the QC area. They are so reliable, one more reason for me to love Xend waaaay more than Air21, whose service now sucks. Big time!
But anyway, here are what's inside the package. :)

I am so digging the pink compact. :)

I purchased the IN2IT foundie from sis Antigone of GT (aka Malditang Doktora here in Blogspot) and look at the freebies!

My mom now has the first Saizen foundie I bought and now I have one for myself! :P Yey! Thanks, sister. :)

Review next week. :)


  1. In2It is one of the foundies that I want to try. Pareview ako nito sis ha. Thanks.

  2. Golden, sure. Will review it this week or next week the latest.:)

  3. My friend love this foundie from In2it :) Can't wait to read your thoughts!

  4. Nikki, I think I will love it too. :)

    Imlee, thank you sis. :)

  5. Have heard good things about that in2it foundation. Love the packaginf too, im a sucker for cute packaging (which is sad) haha. Oh and I love love xend, the delivery guys are always courteous hehe :)

  6. Sush, they are simply the nicest riders. :) I love the pink case and I read raves about this foundie too so I gave in. Plus I am a sucker for Japanese foundies. :P

  7. cute ng case sis, pink!! heehee :p
    i saw an in2it booth at landmark and there are really some cute finds there heehee. ill stay tuned for the review sis :)

  8. I like In2it foundations, I have one in blue, I think it's for dry skin. I use it almost everyday :) It's sheer and looks natural :)

  9. Cha, pink power. Haha! :P

    Charry, that's what I noticed with mose Japanese brands including this - sheer and natural looking. :)

    Malds, oh yes. Love natin si Xend Express. :P

  10. You girls are actually takin' this things seriously!!!

  11. Super outdated comment. live in marikina too? try deliver free in marikina, they have nyx lippies na! woohooo :P


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