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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Happy Feet

I went to the mall with my mom today to buy slacks and sandals since it is smart casual (no jeans allowed) at my new office. Sad because I've been used to dressing down at work. The last time I had to wear slacks at work is when I was still with IBM. Now it's dress up once again. We scored 2 black pants at the department store. Each was 50% off so we got the two pants for the price of just one! It's such a bargain. Then we went to the shoes section to look for sandals since I got so used to wearing just flip flops and my sandals need cleaning. And look what I got.

Look at the price tag. It's already cheap plus there is an additional 10% off. So I got this for only PHP350. It looks silver on the pictures but it is grayish-green. I love how it looks on my feet. And oh, it's a wedge-style so I won't have to worry much about tripping and spraining my ankle. :) I am starting to have control over the things I purchase. I am becoming a bargain shopper. Yey! Less than 1000 bucks for 2 pairs of pants and a pair of sandals. :P

Oh, the brand is Shoes Unlimited. Their shoes are really very nice and feels comfy. Now I know where I'll buy shoes again. :)


  1. i love thrift shopping, too! im so proud whenever i score fab finds at bargain prices.

  2. Arg, I am feeling mighty proud too. I think I am enjoying thrift shopping. :P

  3. I love it when you find inexpensive stuffs and they're on sale pa! :)

  4. Hehe. Thanks, Nikki. I am becoming a cheapskate. :P

  5. wow very nice shoes & very affordable too. ^_^


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