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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Product Review: Missha Perfect BB Deep Cleansing Oil

This is the only cleansing oil I have been using for the past month. I only buy samples since I cannot find a full size of it and I am not sure if we already have Missha here in Manila. Please let me know if we do. :P I find Shu Uemura to be a little too expensive. Fasio stung my eyes. So I settled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. But I didn't like the greasy feel so I stopped using cleansing oils/evoo. When my MAC 187 was badly stained by blushes, some girls suggested that I try using cleansing oil instead. I bought a sample of this and it worked. Well, not 100% but at least it worked. I tried it on my face and really liked it! I've been buying samples of this since then. :P

- Doesn't sting my eyes as much as Fasio did though it still stings just a teeny bit.
- I love the very mild scent.
- Effectively removes make up and even mascaras.
- Doesn't feel greasy at all.
- The oil can be easily removed.
- Pink bottle/sachet for samples (Well, this is just me. So don't mind this pro. )

- Not locally available. (Someone lemme know if I am wrong.)

Will I buy again? Yes! So please please lemme know if we already have it here or not. :P

Overall rating: 4.5/5

By the way, I am lemming for the Elianto Honey Cleansing Oil. Might try it one of these days. :)


  1. no greasy feel after using this one? shu nalalagkitan pa rin ako haha

  2. Eto wala talaga for me ha. Ang dali tanggaling nung oil kahit running water lang. :)

  3. this is the second cleansing oil i've tried and i really like it :) however, like you, i only got this as sachet samples... i heard that there will be Missha here in the Philippines soon. the store will be in SM North :( too far away! well at least they will be here soon :)

    i'm still using my elianto honey cleansing oil. trying to finish it first. it is decent enough but Missha wins my heart :)

  4. i've heard about cleansing oils for a while now but have never tried them yet. regular cleansers work well for me naman...

  5. I've been a Shu Uemura cleansing oil user and I'm almost done with my 3rd bottle! grabe ako gumamit! hahaha..I heard about the Fasio stinging the eyes, that's a no no...I'm not sure if this is available here, I believe wala

  6. Ayn, really? I'm excited to have Missha here. I'm sure this will be my first purchase there. :P

    Janelle, I am using regular cleansers more but I use this when I have mascara on, which I rarely do. :P But this one is really really nice. :)

    Nikki, 3rd Shu bottle? That's expensive! :P

  7. I use DHC before actually regardless of brand I always double cleanse. I just make sure my cleanser is mild so I don't strip my skin dry :D

    Oo nga, la pang Missha dito. Mura pa naman ng brand na to sa Incheon Airport!

  8. I have tried this too from samples I got..I love that it removes eyemakeup with ease..sadly this stings my eyes so I just settled myself with my MAndom cleansing express ^_^

  9. Kaye, I wish magka-Missha na dito. But wag sana overpriced like Skinfood. :P

    Gale, I read nga your review din. Too bad it stings you eyes. :( And the review for Mandom seems promising ha. :P At least it works for you. :)

  10. I just got the info from femalenetwork forum... dapat yata last feb pa meron na sa Megamall... then suddenly sa sm north daw... i really don't know cause i've only been to sm north once and that was so long ago (hahaha!) let's just cross our fingers on it! :)


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