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Monday, November 23, 2009

Crazy Blogger

As I was commenting on someone's post, here's what word verification came up with.

It made me laugh because er, just because. :P

Nonsense, sorry :D


  1. lol!
    there was even 1 time where i saw "masikip" on the word verification

  2. i got weird words too but not horny or masikip XD hahaha

  3. It adds spice to our blogging life, don't you think? ^.^

    How's work so far, dearie? 'sit as crazy as this blogger captcha?

  4. hahaha
    i've come across some funny words too, but this is certainly a WIN!

  5. I just got another weird something from word verifivation. "anglagu" Haha! :P

  6. LOL. Crazy CAPTCHAs.

    Anyway sis, with regard to my previous post, there is a belief daw kasi that if the cats are noisy, it means someone is pregnant. Haha! I too don't get the connection. I just heard it from the two nannies at home.

  7. hahaha I do get funny ones too. Ive gotten horni too just recently haha


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