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Friday, November 6, 2009

Product Review: iWhite Pore Refining Coffee Sugar Polish

The only facial scrub I have used is St. Ives Apricot facial scrub. But in less than 24 hours, a new pimple will start to develop so this product doesn't work for me at all. Since then I make my own facial scrubs which never caused me to break out. But I get lazy at times so after reading about iWhite Pore Refining Coffee Sugar Polish, I decided to check it out and see for myself.

After using it for quite some time now, it's time to share with you all what I think of this product.

- Exfoliates and effectively removes dead skin cells
- There is gentle micro-peeling
- Doesn't hurt when scrubbed on the face (of course you have to be a little careful because it might scratch your skin if you rub it really hard)
- Smells nice
- Cheap! at PHP30 per sachet which can be used multiple times (5 times for me)
- Locally available at Watson's
- Never broke me out

- Available in sachets only

Tip: I mix this with a little milk to make scrubbing more gentle and it smells really good. Plus milk moisturizes the skin so it keeps the skin moisturized while removing dead skin cells. I have yet to try this with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and see.

Will I buy again? YES! I will definitely HOARD this product. :P

Overall rating: 4.75/5 If there is a tub or tube of this product, it would be a perfect 5 for me.


  1. pammmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    you purchased this where?
    is this available locally?

  2. Thanks for the review, too bad Apricot scrub didn't work for you, maybe too strong for your sensitive skin =) I'll try this one, and yep VCO is a wonder oil no? =)

  3. Dang, I think it is a bit too strong for me. :P But I don't use VCO. :D

  4. I've seen this around but I stopped using masks since I bought a couple pa from HK and need to use them all, thanks for the review on this, this sounds like a good product!

  5. We have the same reaction to the St. Ives scrub. This product's name sounds so good. I like that it's available in sachets so I can try it out first! :)

  6. that scrub sounds so yummy! i still use st ives, been using it for a few years now :) but i use other things as well...

  7. I actually tried that already. But I don't like its scent though. :(

  8. Nikki, this is a good one. :) Mask na! :P

    Ida, go ahead and try it. ;)

    Janelle, good thing your skin doesn't break out with St. Ives. I guess I'm one of the few whose skin reacts badly with it. :(

    Golden, so sad naman. Try it with milk, it smells better. :P Hehe

  9. i tried the mask thing i got as a freebie, and i really like it! never knew it was available in watson's. will have to hoard too, asap!! =)

    might try this one as well. thanks for the review!

  10. Oh dear, I love st. ives, i's actually my HG facial scrub. But I have tried this one too, and it really works! I bought the one in the box, their "spa" package and I used them all up before my debut to prep my skin. The result? Glowing skin on my precious night! Really, this product smells terrific! And I could really feel my skin getting smoother afterwards. My only rant about ti is that I look scary when I put it on. I try not to look at the bathroom mirror cause it freaks me out. hehehe =p

  11. Abby, I'm glad St. Ives work for you. :) And yey to the coffee sugar scrub. :P

  12. hi guys im new here i want to try that coffee sugar scrub but unfornately i cant find it here in SM TARLAC even in mercury drug im so frustrated i buy a small bottle of st ive rather

  13. i want to try that coffee sugar scrub but i cant find it at watson SM TARLAC im so frustrated i buy a small bottle of st. ive instead


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