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Friday, September 9, 2011

Cole Haan is in Bluefly!

There was a time when I was on a bag phase - I keep buying bags almost twice a month even though I already have favorites. I can remember the huge grin on my face every time the delivery guy hands me my packages with a smile. Yes, I shop for bags online most of the time. I had an irregular work schedule back then, had to be on call so I barely had any time to go shopping in the mall. Online shopping sites were my best bet.

Anyway, one of my favorite bags which has been serving me well for 5 years now is a huge black hobo from Cole Haan. It was one of the purchases that did not make me sleep until I finally had it with me. It is very sturdy and has been through a lot with me - temper tantrums and throwing my bag on the floor, running really late for work and just throwing it on my desk - you get the drift. I didn't know how Cole Haan can be so pricey here so I sort of regret being kind of cruel to it but it's still in great condition even after enduring all those with me. I check out the physical store here in Manila and I saw that some of their shoes are really nice and looks sturdy as well, but I cannot bring myself to purchase them. I can be a cheapskate, you know.

Of course, I checked out online stores, one of which is Bluefly and I got really excited when they had Cole Haan shoes! They only have a few styles available but I could not believe the discounted prices! The style that caught my eye is very simple yet has a touch of comfort and femininity. Here it is!

Anyway, it is still kinda pricey but the discount alone is too much to resist - after all, it is Cole Haan. Now if only customs here won't make a living out of international orders, then it won't hurt to place an order for this.

How do you like Cole Haan products?

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