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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shopping is Now Easier with Ferreti Shoes Online

Hey guys! I just received a good news that Ferreti now has an online store. I've known the brand since I was in high school because that's where my mom and dad used to buy my school shoes. And it has been a tried and tested brand because only God and my parents know how badly I walk that not a lot of shoes "lived a long life" with me. Anyway, for those who don't have a branch near them (especially those in the province) and want to get a pair from this brand, I can see smiles and grins forming on your faces. You are THIS close to being able to purchase their shoes right at the comforts of your own homes. For now, this is their way to reach out and make these cool shoes available to you guys.

After browsing their website, I want to get my hands on a few items:

I will definitely check out the branch near me when I have the time. Especially now that they have upped their style and the shoes look sooo much more chic and stylish than I can recall.

Happy shopping, everyone!

P.S. Thank you to Liz of Project Vanity for the heads up. :)


  1. pammmyyy!!! i was supposed to do a post on this too but i can't view the images. >.< i can't even see the images on your post.

    sheshhh may sumpa ba ko? T___T not fair!! LOL!

  2. @sugar sugar It's your bloody connection that is cursed. Haha! I can't view the images on the email either so I just checked out the website. :)

  3. I was browsing their website yesterday, the prices are actually not that bad. Too bad though, they don't carry sizes 10-11...huhuhu


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