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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Product Review: Caudalie Paris Vinoperfect Night Correcting Cream

Some say that we should be using different facial creams or moisturizers for both day and night. I have tried only one night cream before which was way more than 7 years ago and that was the Neutrogena Light Night Cream but broke out with it so I stopped. I honestly never understood why I had to use a different product so I was satisfied with the moisturizer I use during day time. And it was only until I got a sample of this have I used a night cream again. I am seriously not sure what to expect with a night cream so please bear with this review-wannabe.

Product Description taken from

Tired of your skin's spotty record? Reveal a flawless face with Caudalie Vinoperfect Night Correcting Cream. Deeply nourishing and softening, it also imparts gentle fruit acids to help minimize the appearance of sun and age spots.

Ideal for those with hyperpigmentation and aging skin who want softer, brighter, and more nourished skin overnight.

Shea Butter hydrates and softens. Lactic Acid resurfaces and renews. Vitamin E protect skin from damaging free radicals.

What I like:
- Unscented.
- Non-greasy and feels light on the skin.
- It is easily absorbed by the skin especially when warmed up between the fingers.
- Texture is really smooth and creamy and not that thick.
- I wake up with brighter and more radiant skin that isn't even oily.
- Skin feels soft and smooth as well and feels hydrated and not just moisturized.
- A little goes a long way. I only need a minuscule amount to cover the entire face. I use plain moisturizer on my neck though.
- No break outs from it.
- No paraben, no phenoxyethanol.
- Has a shelf life of 9 months.

What I don't like:
- No significant reduction or lightening on my freckles. Maybe prolonged usage can do something about it. I'm no longer using it every night and alternate it with my water-based moisturizer.
- Expensive at $68 for 30mL of product.
- Not locally available.

Overall rating: 4/5

Will I buy again? Only when I feel like splurging on it. My water-based moisturizers still work well for both morning and evening. :)

Have you tried any products from Caudalie Paris?

Happy Tuesday, everyone. :)



  1. i sooo want to try Caudalie products! :) i wish their products were locally available,

  2. Wow that seems really expensive, and it sucks it didn't work for your freckles. I would like to find a great cream that works in reducing freckles, I hate mine!

    Is Caudalie cruelty-free? I'm trying to go cruelty-free as much as I can!

  3. @sugar sugar I don't want to imagine how pricey their products would be if they're available here. :P

  4. @G A B Y Yeah, I also need something like that. But the good news is that they don't test on animals! :)

  5. I have used the Grand Cru cream in winter and it's wonderful! For mature skin, though.

  6. @Jamilla Camel It seems like Caudalie Paris really makes good products! :)

  7. I have heard good things about this brand but never really tried their products because of the price :/ It sounds like a really nice and light which I like as well. I'm so sad about the package you sent as well and I'm curious where all those lost packages go to but that has happened to me twice as well where I sent something and it was never received. I do appreciate you sending it though, so thank you so much! I hope whoever took it will enjoy it lol :)

  8. thnx for sharing!!! love reading product reviews!

    xoxo jenna
    The Petite Blogger

  9. Thanks for the review! I've had my eye on this cream for awhile now, but the Vinoperfect line is pretty pricey so I never made the purchase. I have a lot of sunspots, so I hope you see a reduction in yours if you continue using it.

  10. Thanks for the review. Sounds like a great product. I love that it's cruelty-free as well. It's pretty steep, though.

  11. @amynaree I also think I might not be able to try other products from them again, unless I feel like splurging on them. :D

    That's so sad. I wonder who gets those lost packages. I hope they enjoyed the products! Haha!

  12. @Rinny I hope so too. But I'm not sure how much longer my sample can last me. :(

  13. i used to think that night or eye creams are only to be used by aging women because thes products usually target skin that needs a lot of rejuvenation. but since am almost nearing my mid 30s and having to get exposed to sun almost every morning, i think it is wise to use them as early as now as well. i honestly have not heard of this brand yet, but am definitely considering night/eye creams now than before.

  14. @MereMakeupManiac I think so too. Yeah, you should probably start investing on skin care na as it will pay off in a decade or so. Frequent sun exposure adds age to the skin so yeah, it is definitely wise to use them asap. :)


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