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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Curiouser and Curiouser: What Beauty Treatments/Procedures Would You NEVER Ever Do?

I know that we all want better things for ourselves and that involves having better skin or better features, or simply looking better. There are now a lot of procedures and treatments coming out in the market full of conscious people who want the best for themselves in an aesthetic and superficial way (and I don't mean anything bad when I say superficial). But then we all have certain limits, agree? Now I wonder, what are the beauty treatments or procedures that you will never ever want to try or even consider going through? Here are some of mine:

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1. Cosmetic Surgery - I have never had surgery in my whole 27 years of existence, major or not. I've experienced getting the top of my head stitched and the under side of my big toe and on my right eye brow as well (yeah, I was a klutz growing up) but I don't think those would even qualify as surgery. I am mighty scared of going under the knife. I almost did because I was misdiagnosed with something and I was scared for the life of me. Good thing the first diagnosis was a huge mistake.

That surgery would have been somewhere on my abdomen and that already scared the heck out of me. What more if it's going to be on my face? Or my face, that is, that will undergo surgery? I know that a lot of women and even men, most are known celebrities, have undergone such a procedure and they looked good after. But there are cases where they ended up looking worse than how they originally looked. And there are some who never get contented with the outcome of the surgery that they have it done one after the other to the point that nothing looks natural on their faces - talk about addiction. To each his own, as others may point out. If going through something like this works for them  by making them feel better about themselves and actually help boost their self esteem, then I gotta hand it to them for making such a bold move.

Unless I need to undergo reconstructive surgery (I hope and pray not), I do not see myself getting something done on my face. I would rather choose getting wrinkly as I get older than having my face look mutated and  stretched out like Plastic Man.

2. Permanent Makeup or Tattoo - I never saw myself getting a tattoo. I don't have anything against it in general, nor do I have anything against people who have them. In fact, I admire those people for having the courage to get inked and you know, tolerate the pain. While it looks good on the back and arms, I think getting it done on your face (eyebrows in particular) is another story. When you get older, you can hide those tattoos on sagging skin under your clothes but not your tattooed eyebrows. 'Nuff said. :)

3. Botox - I want to be able to make different facial expressions and move my face around. There is just something so creepy about those who are smiling because you can see it in their eyes but their lips show otherwise because they have so much fillers on their faces. If you don't want to have wrinkles, start taking care of your skin at an early age. But then it's part of growing old - we'll all get wrinkly at some point. Imagine having sagging and wrinkled skin on your arms at 80 but your face looks sooo much younger and wrinkle-free. Won't you be creeped out even with yourself? Oh, I was desperate with my under eyes last year that I even considered getting botox for my under eyes but eventually decided against it because I got scared. :P

4. Boob job - I don't want to worry about a needle popping balloons on my chest. Kidding. Seriously, I don't want a foreign thingie on my mammary glands. Especially something heavy and feels bouncy and jello-ish that could probably make the "boing-boing" sound in case they hit the ground. Eh, they'd sag in the future anyway regardless of how small or big your real boobs are without the implants. And besides, I don't want to strain my back because my boobs are sooo heavy. Again, just like those who underwent cosmetic surgery, I'm happy for them whose boob jobs gave them a better view about themselves. :)

5. Facial peels or chemical peels - I'll go easy on this one because it is a case to case basis, I believe. Unless my skin becomes a hopeless case wherein no products work anymore, I don't want to undergo such painful procedures. I never believed that we should hurt our skin just to make it look better. Tiis ganda (enduring pain to look prettier) doesn't apply in this case, at least for me. Please note that my skin is far from perfect but as long as I can find alternatives or better ways to make my skin better, then I would stay away from facial centres. I know some who undergo such procedures and their skin looks really great. And some helped their skin get better which is totally awesome. And I have low tolerance for pain that I might just end up smacking the dermatologist or whoever is administering the procedure on her face. This is entirely a matter of personal preference but for me, I'd avoid going through such for as long as I can.

6. Liposuction - I'd go for safer and natural means of losing weight and fat. The idea alone scares me. If losing all the weight means I have to cut back on those sumptuous meals and no snacking and to the point of having to do triathlon, then I'd willingly submit myself to that than have a tool vacuum all the fat in my body. Gastric bypass is different though but I would opt for a knife-free method.

7. Leg lengthening - or simply breaking the legs just to get taller with a metal thingie inserted in your legs. This has got to be one of the sickest ways to make a change on your body. Seriously. And I mean seriously. How far would you go to get taller? While I don't condone those who underwent this thing, I am more than stupefied at this idea. Come on, not all tall guys get the girls, okay? :)

This post isn't mean to insult or discriminate anyone or people who have undergone such treatments. I would like to once again point out that everything I listed here are based on my personal preference. I am definitely not perfect (baka lang may mag-react eh/some might react)and needs retouching here and there but I would avoid all of these at all cost but if I badly need to undergo any of these, then I can only pray -_-. If you are planning to get these done on you, please do it with extreme caution. Definitely do your research before getting them done and find a professional who is known for doing everything nicely and safely. And if possible, with a high success rate. :P

So I'd like to know, what beauty treatments or procedures would you never ever do?

I hope you all had a blessed Sunday, everyone! :)



  1. I agree with everything you've included except for facial peels. I've tried diamond peel and it really didn't hurt my skin. Although takot talaga ako sa mga facial/chemical peels na talagang mamumula mukha mo tas magpepeel ang skin after ilang days. Dun lang ako sa mga mild peels. :P

  2. I watched in shock when I saw how Leg Lengthening in China was done like you were just picking up medicine from a pharmacy. If you walk in the clinic asking for it, you'll instantly get it done within the day!

  3. I agree with you! I have had two IPL sessions to get rid of brown spots, but that's non-invasive and needs no anesthetic. I've had 8 surgeries requiring anesthetic, and that's enough!

  4. I would never do plastic surgery. Especially the one that injects whatever on your lips to make it look plumper!! Honestly!!! It looks a lot awful to mee :( And botox.

  5. @Morbidfrank Good for you! :P I'd still not go for any peels especially chemical ones. Haha!

  6. @herroyalbleakness Diba? That is just so crazy! I couldn't comprehend why anyone would be so much willing to undergo such agonizing (it looks to me that it is) process just to grow a few inches taller.

  7. @Jamilla Camel Oh gosh, that's quite a number. I do hope that you'll no longer have to undergo any more surgeries. :)

  8. @Tinay Are those lip collagen injections? Scary eh! Especially when I saw the celeb whose lips look like they would explode any time. :D

  9. I have big calf muscles and there's a procedure where they do botox on the muscle so it doesn't look big. Another procedure is to remove some of the muscle. I wouldn't do both.

    I wouldn't do makeup tattoo too, parang ang boring naman kung same color lang everyday.

    I wouldn't attempt surgeries involving the skeletal system like removing a rib, or leg lengthening, or chiseling the cheek or chin bones. :p

  10. I would never ever ever get a nose job and a lip injection

    my lips are so plump already =)) maybe lip reduction perhaps? kiddin!

  11. @Rae I have big calf muscles too and that procedure never crossed my mind either. The heck with out calf muscles! :P

    Yeah, it's fun to play with colors. And don't tattoo's color somewhat fades overtime? Or not?

    Anything that involves the skeletal system is freaky!

  12. @K Yay for your naturally plump lips! Jolie lips for you. :P

  13. i don't think there's any treatment that i wouldn't undergo specially if there is empirical and a great deal of anecdotal data that show great improvement one's appearance ;-)

  14. @Marge Waaah! Na-slow naman ako sa comment mo. Haha!

  15. i also don't like permanent makeup. i got into makeup because i can look one way one day and another on another day. i won't go through lip plumping surgery as i've full lips, nor will i lessen it. ;) i do consider peels however only when necessary. in my current face state, ok naman sya pa hehe.

    i was thinking of getting rid of my sweat glands on my armpit although it also scares me. mukhang matatagalan pa bago ko talaga desisyunan iyon at seryosohin hehe.

  16. @MereMakeupManiac It's true! So nice to look different on some days. I'm scared kasi with peels. Haha!

    Naku, good luck and whatever your decision may be, I hope it's for the best. :)

  17. nice article to read!

  18. Oh i am same as you, I'm too scared of pain haha. things people do for their looks huh!


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