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Monday, September 5, 2011

Product Review: Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Pomegranate

A good tinted lip balm is something that moisturizes your lips while making them look pretty with their tints. That is why I love them better than lip sticks and lip glosses. So I am always on the hunt for something that will fit the bill. The latest one I got to try is the Korres Lip Butter Glaze in Pomegranate. I love the regular lip butter of the same shade in a pot so let's see if this is at par with it.

Product Description taken from the Korres website:
Buttery, vibrant color that leaves lips moisturized and supple.

_Lightweight, moisturizing lip butter glaze imparts vibrant and shiny color
_Creamy blend of lightweight natural oils and extracts to soothe and condition lips
_Smells utterly delicious, and comes packaged in an easy-application tube

_Wild Rose

The Knot Beauty Awards Winner 2010

Active Ingredients taken from the Sephora website:
-Organic Bee Waxes and Sunflower Seed Waxes: Provide a unique soft creamy texture that melts on the lips.
-Certified Organic Sugar Cane: Conditions lips and improves lip texture.
-Pomegranate Fruit Sterols: Hydrate and provide antioxidant protection.

What I like:
- This is pigmented. Much more pigmented than the regular lip butter but you can apply it sheer using just a little of it then pack it on for a more vibrant colour. I can wear this alone and it's enough to complete the look and brighten my face.
- It has a faint scent which I can't tell but it's not annoying.
- Since this is in a squeeze out tube, it is definitely more hygienic as compared to those in pots.
- Can pass as a moisturizing lip gloss that is not sticky and gooey.
- A pretty coral shade. Not as coral-pink as the lip butter of the same shade but I'm cool with it.
- Texture is kinda creamy which is nice but not as buttery as the lip butter.
- This is fairly moisturizing. Once it's gone, my lips still feel smooth.
- Does not contain mineral oil, paraben, propylene glycol, and ethanolamine (whatever the last two are. I didn't do my homework, sorry.)
- Has 10mL of product which I'm sure will last a long time.

What I don't like:
- Not locally available.
- Pretty pricey at $14 for a lip balm. :)
- I don't find it as moisturizing as the lip butter.

Overall rating: 4/5

Will I buy again? Yes. This is the most pigmented tinted lip balm I've ever had. :)


Lip swatch

Have you tried Korres lip butters and glazes?

Happy Monday, super awesome peeps! :)

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  1. interesting, ya I'm usually not a fan of lipsticks because their moisturizing factor is not as good as the gloss! this looks like a good product and the tint is really pretty on you!

  2. the tint of the balm is so pretty, it looks more like a lip gloss than a lip balm and yeah, I agree with you $14 for a lip balm is just too much.

  3. yayyyy!! i can comment again. <3
    how come you have this pammycakes? i'm sooo inggit again LOL! xD

  4. It looks so pretty on your lips. love the pretty coral pink shade. :D

  5. Ang ganda ng shade at obviously NON drying! :) thanks for sharing! Gorgeous lips!

  6. @Pop Champagne This is a pretty good product, maybe you should give this a try too! :)

  7. @Hollie A glossy balm perhaps? :D Yeah, it's a little too much for a lip balm.

  8. @sugar sugar Purchased it online! You know I like buying stuff online. :P

    Your first comment went through. Hehe.

  9. i love the shade sis.. inggit din much! i so want to try some Korres Balm!
    i haven't tried anything from Korres =(
    where did you get it online pammycakes? pricey i think.

  10. very beautiful and natural good for regularly use
    Follow Back Please

  11. @Diane I got this online. These lip butters are awesome! Since my beloved MAC TLC in Gentle Coral has been discontinued (snap!), I'll just stick to this. :(

  12. @SadeeStyle I agree that it's perfect for everyday use and there is no need to wear a lipstick too. :)


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