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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Product Review: Canmake Concealer Foundation UV

Having been a powder foundation user for quite some time now, my preferences have changed over time. From loving full coverage foundations to those with sheer-light coverage - that's how it has changed. Given the unbelievable weather we have and its being unstable, it is important to have one product that does a lot of things - conceals, covers and protects. So when I saw Canmake Concealer Foundation UV, I thought it would be a great product to try. See, it conceals as a foundation and it has SPF 25 PA++. It also doesn't hurt that it is a Japanese brand, although drugstore, since you know by now that I love Japanese brands when it comes to makeup. Now was I happy with it? Read the rest of this post to find out.

Product Description taken from Canmake website:

A color foundation based on the concealer concept.
You'll be amazed by the first application! The moist powder clings tightly to your skin.
Long-lasting formula giving you beautiful skin for hours and hours.

A foundation based on the concealer concept
●Concealer intensively covers the flaws in your skin that cannot be hidden with foundation, such as under-eye bags, dullness and dark spots.
↓However, applying concealer takes time….
This product has the coverage to conceal the flaws in your skin, just by applying foundation. Has a natural finish, for skin that looks beautiful, even at point-blank range.
You'll be amazed by the first application. Feels like silk
●Contains amino acid-based emollient agents, locking moisture into your skin and protecting it from dryness.
●The moist powder feels just like silk on your skin. When applied to your skin with a sponge, it feels like it is just slipping on.
Long-lasting effect
●The sebum-absorbing powder absorbs excessive oil from your skin. ●Contains hyper-lasting polymer. The powder clings tightly to your skin, forming a long-lasting protective layer which prevents your make-up wearing off. ●Pure white mica is a highly white-colored powder, which prevents the dullness that results from sweat and sebum.

How to use:
○After preparing your skin with a make-up base, apply the appropriate amount to a sponge and spread it evenly over your skin.
○If using water, wet the sponge, then squeeze the water out before applying the powder to the sponge.
○Please use a clean sponge that has had the water squeezed out thoroughly.
○Please do not throw the inner film away.

What I like:
- As with Japanese-branded foundations, the texture is amazing - silky, velvety and soft and smooth to the touch.
- The compact is really nice and looks clean which is good for a drugstore Japanese brand.
- It really does conceal and cover pores really well.
- It provides full coverage and works double time as both a concealer and powder foundation.
- Finish is really smooth and almost flawless.
- Does not have the typical makeup scent that is annoying.
- Has 4 shades to choose from - 01 Light Beige, 02 Light Ochre, 03 Natural Ochre, and 11 Pink Ochre.
- Inexpensive for less than 700 bucks for both compact and refill.
- Yes, it is refillable.
- It has SPF 25 PA ++

What I don't like:
-While the finish, coverage, and texture are all amazing, staying power isn't good especially with the kind of weather that we have. It melts away easily like there won't be any visible traces of it in just a couple of hours.
- I think this is suited for cooler places where humidity isn't an issue.
- It cakes even though I apply it real thin using a fluffy powder or kabuki brush that isn't dense enough. What's worse is that it emphasizes pores and even settles on lines I never knew I had. That is even with a moisturized face with primer and setting powder.
- It feels kinda heavy on the face.
- Not much for oil control - my face looks like an oil slick after an hour or two.
- The powder looks dark on the pan but do not, and I mean do not, be fooled by it. It goes on lighter on the face. I thought of getting 01 since I have acidic skin and most foundations oxidize on me but instinct told me to get 02 instead and I'm glad I did. It goes on a bit lighter upon application but thanks to acids, it then becomes a match after a while.
- Not available locally and this was purchased in Hong Kong. However, you can join pre-orders of those going to HK or check out wehaveit143 for pre-orders as well.

Overall rating: 3/5 Please note that I only gave it a 3 because it didn't perform well on my skin type and the weather here in Manila. But I can see it working and performing well in places with cold weather. The texture is really great. My mom likes it though. In fact, she's the one using it now even though I dropped it (why does it always happen to me?!) and it was just pressed using isopropyl alcohol. That's how much she likes it.

Will I buy again? No. I really wanted to like it but the weather and my skin type just doesn't.

Have you tried Canmake foundations? Which one can you recommend?

Happy Wednesday, everyone! :)



  1. I like the look of the compact. Sad that this is not for our climate, Pammy. Where an we get Canmake in the Phils.?

  2. @Jackie Oopsie! I forgot to include that on my post. Edited it, thanks for asking about it. You can join pre-orders at wehaveit143 on multiply. :)

  3. Thanks for the review! I normally wear powder foundation in Muscat, but will give this one a miss!

  4. Aw, that's a bit sad to buy things and end up not working on you. Though I heard quite a lot of good things about this product. But well atleast you've got your mom who also loves make-up! Yey for cool moms! :D


  5. I'm not sure this brand would have a match for me--a lot of tie Japanese brands don't have anything for much darker skin.

  6. This is new to me. I've never heard of this brand. Too bad it didn't work well with you. Awesome Review sis, thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for the review! =D Nope, haven't tried their foundations. But I do like the cute packaging on this. Good to see it has a decent SPF in it but sorry it did not work out for you.

    P.S Thanks for following my blog! I'm following you as well.

  8. i've only tried their blush! thanks for the review too pammycakes!

    i don't think i'll ever try this after reading what you said on what you disliked about the foundie hehehe.

  9. canmake stuff seems so nice.. thanks for sharing!

    by the way, i awarded you here:

    rock on!

  10. Awww too bad it doesn't last. =((
    Are you familiar with Milk & Co, the clothing company? They have cosmetics na and their model is models are politicians ata. :) Would love to try that one! Their lipstick collection looks nice too

  11. That's too bad that it didn't work so well for your skin, but it sounds like a great product overall. I've heard so many great reviews on the Canmake products. can't wait to try the brand out myself :)

  12. Oh no if it cakes! I wonder if it'll dry up my dry skin? probably !thanks for the review

  13. too bad it didn't work on your skin :(
    I never try that brand

  14. @Jamilla Camel For places that are humid, definitely skip this. :D

  15. @Myrted Yeah, knowing that someone loves a product that does not work for me is great. At least, that person can give that product the love that I couldn't give it. Haha!

  16. @VijiiS That is true. There is definitely room for more shades that would suit women of color. :)

  17. @Hollie Yeah, it's not that popular here but it's a nice drugstore brand in Japan. :)

  18. @Shop N' Chomp Yeah, this could've been an HG material with the packaging, texture, and the SPF but the staying power and oil control power are missing. Boo! :D

  19. @sugar sugar I'm planning to try their blush. I think those are worth trying. :)

  20. @G A B Y True! I'll keep the compact once my mom is done with the powder and hopefully find some good use for it. If not, it'll just be a compact mirror. :D

  21. @Tinay Yeah, I've been seeing that brand on and thought of giving it a try but I'm scared. Let me know how the products are when you get to try them, please. :)

  22. @Askmewhats It probably would! But I think it'll last longer on dry skin. :)

  23. Nice review Pammy. I'm interested to try Canmake's blushes. Too bad this foundation is not suitable here in our country. :P

  24. cantmake! hehe thanks for the review sis. i'm about to buy this pa naman. super oily din fez ko. thanks thanks!
    btw, my baby say Dura na rin.. HOrrific tlaga.. HB super ><

  25. Dude, the concept of this product is pretty awesome! I don't think I've ever heard anything like it before. But I'm sorry that it didn't work...freakin' hot weather!


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