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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

EOTD: Mariposa

Okay, another title from a Barbie Movie. Maybe I've seen too much Barbie movies lately but it's nice to watch movies that does not require one to think every once in a while, don't you agree? Anyway, before I start talking about Barbie (I only had three, by the way, as I prefer playing with toy guns and cars when I was a kid), here are a few pictures of the EOTD. No half-FOTD, still giving my skin its much needed breather and break from makeup.

Skinfood Choco Powder Eyebrow Wood Pencil on eye brows and two coats Maybelline The Colossal Volume Express Mascara for the lashes.

Obnoxious applied on the lower half of the lids;
Intoxicated on the inner half of the lids extending to the crease;
Twilight on the outer half of the lids extending to the crease; and
Innocence on the inner corners and brow bones

I hope you'll like it.

Happy Tuesday, super awesome peeps! :P



  1. pretty blue dramatic look! I never wear enough blue.. it's inspiring!

  2. i just heart blue e/s! i haven't seen one blue eye makeup i didn't like hehe. blues and purples are just bff's! :D this is a very sultry look, loves it!

  3. Another nice look! girl! super bagay ang dark eye makeup sayo! PROMISE

  4. Wow youre proving that this palette is indeed quite versatile! Love the look Pammy! :)

  5. Hi pammy, I'm having a cosmetics blog sale, hope you can check it out.

  6. Imma go watch nga that Barbie movie. Hehe. Anyway, great eye makeup. Good for night outs! :D

  7. very pretty! i like the color combination of colors pammycakes! for someone who doesn't like eyeshadows you have great skills haha! :D

    i was supposed to type something but i forgot what it was. hmmm.. shall come back when i remember!

  8. i remembered it! i had more than 50 barbie dolls including 4 kens, 2 skippers and one teresa doll. :D
    and guess what? i'm not even a fan of barbie. ROTFL!!! =)) my dad just kept giving me dolls. i only played with barbie dolls because i was interested in their clothes. :3

  9. I tend to shy away from blue eyeshadows because I have blue eyes but I really like dark blue eyeshadows. Great look (as always!)

  10. @Nina Singanon I honestly didn't think that this palette can be versatile but as it turns out, it is. The shades also work great as eyeliner. :)

  11. @Maria Oh, you finally decided to sell the Sleek palettes. Guess they really don't work for your liking. :(

  12. @sugar sugar Haha! You have lotsa Barbies but only played with them because of their clothes. Already into fashion at a young age, sugarpaopao. :P

  13. hehe i like the title mariposa and i like this color combo on you sis!

  14. Oh My! Oh My! That's one hell of a fierce look sister. Love the color combination you've created! Keep them coming! =)

  15. @Diane Haha! To be honest, I'm scared of butterflies but it really does remind me of Barbie in Mariposa. :D


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