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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Birthday Drinking Session

Last night, I went to Katips, Katipunan to celebrate my birthday with a few friends. We had beer and zombie and baked nachos and sisig. I had a blast with GB, Bea, Mark, Jorge, Joel, and Maja. We were like playing a sub game. Why?
GB got there first and had to leave and go to Paranaque a few minutes after Bea arrived. Then an hour after Mark, Jorge, and Joel got there, Bea had to leave with her friend. And half an hour later, Maja arrived. We just found it funny. They all didn't know each other because they're all from different circles yet they got along really well. Another friend was supposed to come but couldn't contact me. I had a pitcher and a half of Zombie. The guys had beer. I just realized something. I am really getting older. I couldn't drink as much as I could back then. I got drunk easily I had to order coffee. Boo! Then we decided to have a little videoke and went to Gulpz just outside Eastwood. On our way there, I felt sick like I was about to throw up in Joel's car, but thank God I didnt. That doesn't happen to me. Must be quarter-life crisis and I am in fact getting older, my tummy couldn't take much alcohol like it used to. I was supposed to sing Backstreet Boys' Quit Playing Games with My Heart but my back up dancer, Jorge went to the couch on the second floor and slept. Sorry for my choice of song, I just missed my grade school days when boy bands were so "in". No pictures because we were having too much fun laughing that I forgot to take pictures. We started drinking at 9pm and we decided to go home at 6am.

I swear I'm never gonna drink again. Why? I hate this feeling of throwing up without anything coming out. It freaking hurts and feels awful. And anything I drink, be it water or soda, I just end up throwing up. Jeez.

I badly need to sleep now. :P


  1. Aww! Sounds like you had a good birthday - minus the drinking and wanting to puke part. Haha. Coffee is just as good anyways!

  2. Yeah, I had a good time. I dunno how many times I've said I'm never gonna drink again. :P


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