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Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Hairstyle + Recent Mini Haul

Yesterday, I had my hair curled for the first time in my life. I only paid 500 bucks since I went to the salon where I've been getting my haircut since I was 5. I am pretty pleased with how it looks on me. Wash and wear for me since I cannot brush it as I was told. Since I'll be turning 25 on the fortnight (2 weeks from now), I thought I wanted to have a different look so I opted to have my hair permed. Jeez, quarter life crisis coming up!

I also bought a couple of stuff last Friday when I got my first paycheck. Oh yeah! I didn't have to wait until next month to get paid! I missed kikay shopping.

The kikay stuff:

I got the following last Friday from Megamall department store.

1. Skinfood Salmon Concealer Shade 1 -PHP975
2. Elianto Baked Blush in Plum Red - PHP339
3. PAC lipgloss on a pot (I dunno the shade) - PHP399

Then I went to EDSA Shangri La this morning and I was going to buy Shu Uemura P Red 19D but I was told by the MUA it was phased out by Japan. Darn! So I decided to get P Pink 30. But then I was already in Megamall when I realized that what I was given was M Pink 30 instead of P Pink 30 so I walked all the way back to Shang. But it was also out of stock on other branches so I opted for a refund than wait for 2 weeks for the new stocks to arrive. Another BUT. I had to wait for an hour to get my cash back because the one on the cashier went on lunch break. So I just had lunch at Wham! alone. And I don't like eating out alone.

What I bought today:
1. Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner Yellow Variant - PHP50
2. Alba Botanica Terratints in Blaze - PHP135
3. Tampax tampons - PHP239
4. Creamsilk Precision Repair Treatment in Sachets - PHP14 each, I got 2
5. Charmee feminine wipes - I forgot
6. EB blush in Cheek - PHP150
7. EB Black eyeliner - PHP180
8. Elastics and clips - PHP48

This is the first time I actually bought products from Ever Bilena because I've always been scared of their products. But I am falling in love with the blush! I wanted a red blush but since I didn't get the Shu blush, I searched at Megamall's department store again and checked out the EB stall which I don't usually do. Cheek is a pretty red-pinky peach blush with very little shimmer. it needs a light hand in applying because it is pretty pigmented. And for PHP150, not bad, right?

Look at how similar the EB packaging is to MAC's.

Only difference is EB's has a mirror and a compartment for a cheek brush which I do not intend to use. And EB's is exactly how FAKE MAC Blushes look like, with the brush and compartment on.

Now I have 4 blushes with almost the same packaging.

Here's the Elianto Baked Blush in Plum Red. I didn't like the color but when blended with the gold thingies, it looks pretty awesome. Again, for the price of PHP339, it ain't so bad.

Now I got this Skinfood Salmon Concealer in 1 since I read that salmon is actually good for dark undereyes. Mine's not really really that dark but it needs concealing. I find that it's a bit oily and kinda hard to build up. I should've gotten shade 2. Got it for PHP975 and it contains 10g which is also not so bad. I used it last Friday and today and it delivers.

Without concealer:

With concealer:

See any difference? I do. :P I have lines, I know. Don't rub it in. :-D

I got the Dickinson's Witch Hazel Toner in Yellow Variant at Healthy Options due to the good reviews and that it is for oily skin. And it is cheap! One small bottle for only PHP50. When I paid at the cashier, I saw Alba Botanica Terratints. Being the sucker for tinted lip balms that I am, I immediately grabbed one without testing any. It is 70% organic and is a mineral tinted lip balm so I was like "Oh goody!" when I read it. Blaze is like a deep red or wine but goes on very sheer with a minty feel. It goes on smoothly and looks better with a little gloss on top. Another MLBB for me. And it costs only PHP135! I saw some on eBay which sells for more or less 200 bucks. I'm planning to go buy the other shades.

I got the PAC lip gloss in a pot on sale for only PHP399, original price is PHP499. It's like the MAC TLC but cheaper. A pretty pink-coral-peachy color that looks like nude pink on my lips.

Here are the swatches.

L-R: Alba Terratints Glazed, PAC lip gloss, Skinfood Salmon Concealer 1, Elianto Baked Blush Plum Red, EB Cheeks

The picture does not give enough justice to the swatches. I swear they all look so pretty in person especially the two blushes.

I am still waiting for 2 blushes I bought via eBay. First, the Physician's Formula Baked Berry? and the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Mosaic Blush in Afterglow. I was supposed to get the first blush last Friday or yesterday but Air21 made a mistake again so I will be getting it on Monday and the other blush hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday. Oh, and the two items I ordered from the ELF Studio Line pooled orders too.

Ta! ^_^


  1. wow on your hauls :) and the salmon concealer looks great :)

  2. Nikki, thanks. The salmon concealer is a must-try. I can't say yet that it is a must-have though. :)

  3. wow pammy.. i love your new hair.. really suits you.. :D

  4. i love your new hair! i see you bought na din the salmon concealer. hay grabe bini-BI nyo ako! and you have your 1st paycheck na rin pala. congrats dear!

  5. Crystal, thanks! Go get the salmon concealer. Or at least try it first. You might love it. ^_^

  6. I like the new hairstyle. Waa, sana ako rin pwede magpaperm. Bad trip si Hubby, ayaw pagalaw buhok ko. *sniff*

  7. nice haul! update us if okay talaga yung salmon concealer.. i wanna try coz i have dark circles.. tapos may fine lines pa.. tsk..tsk.

  8. Golden, thanks. I've been saving a few minutes getting ready when i go out because i can't brush my hair. :)

    Khymm, sure. I'm planning to do a review on it over the weekend. :) naku, it can't hide my fine lines pala.

  9. ooohhh.. i wanna try the skinfood concealer! :)

    thanks for the swatches.. the pac lip gloss looks great


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