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Friday, August 28, 2009

Blush Giveaway from yours truly. ^_^ - CLOSED

Wow! I never really expected this blog to reach 50 readers. Although I know some followed for the sake of being followed back. Peace! :P

Anyway, I am doing my first ever giveaway. Being a blush addict, I am giving away 2 blushes and a 1g sample of Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder. Fair enough? :-)

Picture taken from Super Stock

The blushes will be posted when the winner is announced. Surprise, surprise!

Here are the mechanics:
1. You must be a follower of my blog. (PH residents only, please)
2. Copy and paste this post on your blog and link back to this page.
3. Comment on this post with a link to your page.
4. Post about what your favorite blush is and why. Please include a swatch of it and a photo of you wearing it so I 'll know which shades suit you best. :)
5. There must be at least 5 entries.

The giveaway ends September 15. :)

EDIT: I had to take the entries down to 5. :)


  1. i'm the first one? haha!

    i'm such a blush addict!

  2. Yey! I really want this giveaway to push through. I am excited about the blushes I will be giving away. :)

  3. Hi there! Here's my entry:

  4. here is my entry:

    congrats pammy... thanks again.. mwah

  5. Yey! Thanks, Donna! :P

    2 more and this is officially on! :D

  6. Hi Pammy, Im in, heres my post regarding the give away:

  7. *wink*

    iam newbie here.. and also a new follower.. hi ms pammy =)

    i love kittens too =) nice blog theme and i liked it

    and i am joining =)

  8. pa join! i love blushes too!
    here's my post

  9. weeeee!
    im done with my entry

    THIS is my entry

    i posted your contest HERE

    goodluck to me!
    & to everybody

  10. Hi girl, very nice giveaway. Count me in hehe, I'll be sending my entry during the weekend pag di na syado busy ^_^

  11. Hey Pammy thanks for the giveaway. I posted it on my blog, but sorry I dont have a picture.

  12. hello sis pammy :)
    i joined your contest too! actually its my first contest ever heehee.
    here's the link:


  13. Hi sis! I joined your contest too! Here's my entry ^_^

  14. Hi girl, as promised here's my entry ^_^

    Goodluck to all those who join ^_^ And tnx Pammy for having this very nice giveaway ^_^

  15. hi hun~ thanks for this wonderful giveaway!

    here's my entry:

    i posted your link here:

  16. Hi,

    I'm doing a giveaway on my blog that maybe you or your readers would be interested in. :)


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