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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ELF Studio Blushes Must-Try!

These are what I am going to order for the next ELF pooling of orders.

The blushes.

Blushing Rose

Tickled Pink

I might also add these too.

Candid Coral

Warm Bronzer

I so love blushes! ^_^

I don't know if I can use them all but I keep on buying them even though I only have one face. :P

I am thrilled because they look very NARS-ish. I hope the quality is good too. :)

I am still waiting for this...

Golden Bronzer

and this again. My second...

Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder


By the way, I was so stressed and pressured last night at work that I can't believe I cried out of frustration! Haha! Pathetic, I know. But it was just too much. I was totally not myself last night, even my colleague noticed it too. It could be because I was awake for almost a day. I was bombarded with W-O-R-K. Jeez! I don't want to go to work tonight. :(


  1. yeah!
    me too!
    i can't help but notice how they look like NARS too
    it would be a nice addition to any girl's blush collection!

    im sorry to hear that you are so stressed out
    you need to take a break,hun
    this weekend make sure that you do some relaxing activity,ok?

    keep on smiling!

  2. Yeah! Even if they turn out to be not so nice when it comes to quality, they'd still be nice to look at. :)

    Thanks, dear. I sure will take a break. Saturday's a drinking night for me. I'll be a year older on that day. :P

  3. i often cry when im frustrated.nagdradrama ako..hay..go take a break pammy u need it ^_^ thats a sign na

  4. Yeah, I find crying the best way to release frustration and stress when there's nothing else I can do.

    Thanks Shobe. :)

  5. you know what they should bring these lines down here!and NOT double or triple the price! :) are you ordering from Toma ? Enjoy!

  6. I doubt if they won't double or triple the price here which sucks. :P nope, we're ordering directly from the ELF website. :P

  7. Gosh, I get so annoyed when girls post the ELF brushes! Cause I'm so jealous! HAHAHA. I need to hurry and buy these!

    And sorry to hear about work! I feel the same way, about my job - fo'real! It's okay dear! I know you'll get through, whatever goes on at work! I bet you're doing a good job ;)

  8. Cheysser, maybe it's time you go order them. ELF's coming up with really nice-looking products for their Studio line. :)

    I hope the stress and pressure will go away soon. Thank you. :)

  9. i can't wait to try the new blushes...i chose peachy keen and tickled pink :)

    maybe the stress is because you're new to the job? i hate that shitty feeling. i hope you feel better soon!!! :)

  10. Ida, me too! I am so excited to get my hands on them which is next month or by October? I hate the waiting game. :( I only hope they are worth the long wait.

    Could be. But I think I was overwhelmed with all the many things I had to do in one night.

    - take and cancel orders
    - send back order emails by sorting through almost 400 orders that night
    - call Visa-Mastercard and American Express for international name and address verification
    - respond to queries via chat

    It was SLAVERY!



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