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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Product Comparison (Spend vs. Save) : NARS Taos & Ever Bilena Cheek

I am currently watching Final Destination 4 but while waiting for the movie to finish buffering, I checked out my blog and decided to do the product comparison for the 2 red blushes I have. I mentioned on my NARS Love post how similar I thought NARS Taos is to a local Ever Bilena blush in Cheek. On this post, we'll see how similar they can get and the difference between them too. No product can ever be exactly the same as another.

Take a look at the pictures first.

Do you see how so similar these two blushes look? Both are red-toned blushes.

But the swatches might say otherwise. They don't look that similar at all.

Not much difference here yet.
L-R: EB Cheek, NARS Taos


Here are the similarities and differences on these two blushes (based on my opinion).

- Both are from the red family and are so pretty.
- Both blushes gave me the flushed cheeks look.
- Both are pigmented and need a light hand in application. I only need to lightly dab my 187 once on the pan and I'm good to go.
- Both have subtle shimmers in them. They may look shimmery on their pans but are not that shimmery on the cheeks.
- Color payoff is great.
- Both are locally available. Of course, EB is a local brand so it has to be locally available. :P

- The PRICE. NARS Taos costs PHP1350 and EB Cheek costs only PHP150.
- If I were to base it on the swatches, Cheek has more pink than Taos.
- NARS Taos is much more pigmented and a tad darker than EB Cheek. I only had to lightly dab my pinkie once on NARS Taos to show the color on the swatches whereas I had to dab my fingers twice or thrice on EB Cheek to show the color more.
- NARS Taos is much more finely milled than EB Cheek which tends to be a little powdery.

On the swatch they may look different. But on my cheeks, there isn't much difference. They look pretty much the same.

Which one do I like better? NARS Taos. For the price, I have to really really like it. :P Seriously, I like Taos better because there's something about it that makes my cheeks glow more than when I have EB Cheek on my cheeks. Or could it just be psychological? All I know is that I am now digging red blushes as they look really natural on me. :D

Nevertheless, I would recommend EB Cheek for those who wants a red blush but are on a budget and wouldn't want to spend PHP1350 for a single blush. And with the price, you have nothing to lose. I think EB has much improved products though I only have this blush and an eyeliner from them. :)


  1. i think i prefer the EB cheek and the price,wow !
    EB cheek is the winner

  2. wow!
    how nice

    you're right about what you said about no products can ever be the same...

    nars blushes are really nice for it really lasts!

  3. They are really nice but with oily skin like mine, I doublt if any blush can really last that looooooong on me. :)

  4. great comparison! EB pa din ako, much cheaper kasi. hehe..

  5. But for quality, I am sticking with NARS. :P Took me more than 2 years to finish my first compact. :)

  6. I love it when you do spend vs save on makeup items.:D I now wanna check out EB! I can't believe a blush can be so cheap!! That's great for me because I'm still experimenting on the colors that suit me.:) Thanks for this!:)

  7. You're welcome. I hope you'll like their blushes and find the colors that suit you. :P

  8. omg clever how nice dupe for nars THANK YOU SO MUCH haha i love it ,I'm chipipay :D

  9. your blush posts always leave me drooling. haha. and i really like the practicality of the spend vs save posts :) i want to join your giveaway but i don't know what my fave blush is yet.

  10. Louie, you're welcome. :P I hope you get to try these blushes. :P

    Ida, hehe. Yeah, I can be a cheapskate too. :P You have two weeks to decide which one is your favorite. :D I want to keep the blushes for the giveaway to myself. :P

  11. It is rather interesting for me to read the article. Thanx for it. I like such themes and anything connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

  12. I just bought this EB Cheeks. Yes, you just need to apply it with a light hand. I don't like it that much because I find it too red. It makes me look like I'm exhausted. :(

    Lots of love,

  13. Awww. So sad it makes you look exhausted. Maybe you only need very little of that blush? :( Gah! I forgot all about NARS Taos. :P


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