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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saizen Mini Haul

Before going to work last night, I decided to drop by Saizen at 3F Robinson's Galleria. I was amazed with the store that I didn't know which aisle to go to, which items to buy. Everything for just PHP85! I like the items but I only had 20 minutes to spare so I only got the following: (Picture above)

- My favorite amongst my purchases.
- A very pretty pink I don't know what that's called + white pearls design.


Blush & Highlighter Duo
- It's a very pretty peach-pink blush with a highlighter.
- Highlighter is pigmented but the blush isn't super pigmented
- Cute compact with a mirror and a small brush

Multi Cheek Beige Blush
- A very pretty pink-peach blush that is far from being beige.
- Color reminds me of L'oreal Front Page Peach
- Not so pigmented as well.

Charcoal Mask
- A product I have yet to try


Falsies and Eyelash Glue
- I already used one pair
- The eyelash glue stung the first time I used it but the second time no longer stung.

I am definitely going back to Saizen for more good finds.



  1. I think this is where I got the dish rack I used to store my palettes dont remember thename of the store but I just know everythings 85. There were so many beauty stuff there but I just didnt know what some were haha

  2. wow your haul looks inviting hehe parang iniimbita niya ko pumunta ng saizen hehe :p

  3. Sush, I agree. There are a lot of beauty stuff but it's hard to tell which one is which as most of the description are in "characters". :D

    Cha, go! I'm definitely going back there for more! :P

  4. pammy: love your hauls! the reason why i like visiting these mini warehouses is because they have tons of eye candies like your hauls.

    do you know other saizen stores aside from robinson's galleria? :D

  5. Martha, as per GT discussion, there is only one Saizen (which is the original Daiso) and it is only in Galleria. Pay them a visit, you won't regret it. As in super dami ka mabibili. :)

  6. love your haul! the bracelet and blush looks really cute! :)

  7. waah... i have to go back there.. the last time wla yang mga yan.. esp the blushes.. need to go back.. yay.. as in!!

  8. only 20 minutes to spare and you bought these wonderful stuffs? YOU ARE A SHOPPER Pammy! :)

  9. Donna, go back go back! They have eyeshadow palettes, sponges, mascaras, eyeliners, lipgloss, lipsticks. :P And even foundation.

    Nikki, hehe. I headed straight to the kikay station and everything's pretty much there so it's kinda easy to shop for these kikay stuff. :P

  10. i need to realy go around..
    i am missing lots of things by not mall hopping

    i want to try that charcoal mask too

  11. I honestly love your blog so I followed you ^_^. I love your posts about makeup, very informative. And I love your blush collection. I still have to determine if I'm a blush or lippie person, I think I'm both :). Keep the posts coming, I love your reviews.

  12. Thiamere, I am lazy to go mall hopping. :P

    I tried the charcoal mask yesterday and it was hard to remove but it instantly brightened my face. :)

    Hi Ems. Thank you. :) You can be both blush and lippie person. But it'll be more expensive to be both. :P

  13. Waa, how come we got no Saizen here? I bet it would be a hit. Argh!

    BTW sis, I've a tag for you. Check it at:

    Thanks and have a blessed sunday.

  14. cute bracelet.. first time here..

    i am now following your blog..

  15. Thank you. You have such lovely kids. Saw them on your blogs. :)

  16. you are so lucky to be able to get the charcoal mask! i'm hoping to score some soon. love the rest of the stuff, too. ^^

  17. They have new stocks, sis. I asked and they just stocked up Friday night. So go no, get your charcoal mask. :P


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