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Monday, August 10, 2009

KRYOLAN Mini Haul + Others

I've been lemming for Kryolan blushes and the much raved Anti-Shine Powder that I was at the store when it opened this morning and I went home happy with a Kryolan paper bag with 3 goodies. I didn't have a hard time finding Il Terrazo at Tomas Morato as it was right across Burgoo.

I got the following from them:
-Anti-Shine Powder 30g PHP1350
-T1 blusher PHP680
-TC2 blusher PHP680

I was planning to only buy one blush but they are just so pretty I couldn't resist getting one more. But I had to control myself from buying the Invisible Matt or the Perfect Matt primer and the Dual Finish Foundation. I'll come back for them one of these days.

I then headed to Gateway Mall to have lunch with a friend at World Chicken. But I got there ahead of him so I dropped by Beauty Bar and Rustan's.

I got the following:
-Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Nutmeg PHP395
-Andrea EyeQ's Make Up Remover Gel 110ml PHP350
-Clinique Happy from Rustan's 30ml PHP2000

My Kryolan Mini Haul

TOP: Anti-Shine Powder

T1 Blusher
- A very pretty red--orange-peach-pink shade matte blusher
- Very pigmented, I looked like a clown when I first tried this at home. A light hand or a tippling brush will work for this blusher
- Looks so natural on my cheeks
- 2.5g of product for PHP680 may seem too much but for the quality and how pigmented it is, this will definitely last a long time
- I have a feeling this will be a new favorite

TC2 Blusher
- A pink-peach matte blush with more peach than pink
- I haven't tried this on yet but I think it will look good for barely there make up
- I expect this to be as pigmented as T1

Anti-Shine Powder
- The much raved powder at GT
- PHP1350 ($27) for a 30g jar which is huge. It'll surely take me a long time to finish this jar

Blush swatches

Beauty Bar and Rustan's Purchases

Clinique Happy
- My all-time favorite scent

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in Nutmeg
- One of my favorite tinted lip balms
- I like the sheer pinkish color
- Has a minty feel that lasts for a few minutes
- I think price has increased. It's now PHP396 (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about the price increase)


Andrea EyeQ Makeup Remover Gel
- My first time to try this product so I hope I don't break out with it

So this is the last of my birthday gifts to myself. I am a happy girl now. :)


  1. that's a wonderful haul! the Kryolan blushes look so pretty!!! I'm sure it'll look great on you!

  2. Thanks, Nikki! I'm loving the blushes. :)

  3. naku sis sayang im selling my clinique hppy 100ml used twice lang for 2k hehe.i really love the smell og clinique bangoooo

  4. Nyay, sayang naman sis. Okay lang, si swiper naman gamit ko. :)

    Yeah, ang fresh ng smell ng clinique happy.

  5. Martha, yey! Excited na din ako. I'm coming back if not tomorrow, this coming Friday for the Foundie and light red blush. :)

  6. What a good haul! So many products! Love it! Share some, you woman! Hahaha, just kidding! :]

    I have the Clinique, be happy too! My papa bought it for me, mmmm @ the smell.

  7. Cheysser! Howdy? Sure, I'll share some. :P

    Clinique will always be my pick me up scent. :)


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