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Saturday, August 8, 2009

MAC + NARS Advanced Birthday Gifts to Myself ^_^

I went to Shang last night to buy what I've been lemming for the past couple of days - a NARS blush- and met up with someone. I only purchased one blush which is NARS Deep Throat instead of 2 to get a freebie for two reasons- I'm torn between Outlaw and Taos, and Lara, the NARS SA who gives freebies, isn't there. I checked out the MAC counter and asked the MUA, I forgot his name, if they already have Marisheeno lustre l/s, but unfortunately, they haven't had it for months. So sad. It is my fave MAC lipstick after they discontinued Fresco. So I got myself an Amplified Creme l/s in Cosmo and a Tinted Lip Conditioner in Gentle Coral. Here they are:

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner - Gentle Coral
- This is my second pot. I never used up everything on my first pot because I lost it and there was more than half of the product left. :(
- I super duper love this, tinted lip balm that is really moisturizing.
- I swear this is another MLBB
- Positive reviews at MakeUpAlley but I don't understand why some think of it as too bright or too coral for them. maybe they just apply too much. A layer or two is all that I need.
- Kinda pricey because it now costs PHP950 for 15mL but I wonder how long one pot can last on me with almost everyday use.

MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Cosmo
- I just grabbed this out of the blue out of my frustration on Marisheeno not being available for months now.
- I don't regret grabbing this because it is a very pretty Nude Pink that goes on smoothly and is very creamy.
- Positive reviews at MakeUpAlley
- I haven't tried this on yet but I will soon.
- Costs PHP950 as well

NARS Deep Throat Blush
- I am falling in love with this blush!!!
- A very pretty peach shade with a hint of pink with subtle shimmer as compared to Orgasm
- Looks like Orgasm's sister to me
- Looks very natural on the cheeks
- Staying power is good
- Positive reviews at MakeUpAlley
- Costs PHP1350, price hasn't changed yet as compared to MAC

I can't help but compare Deepthroat and Orgasm from each other when I got home from work this morning. I only took pictures but I will most likely compare the two on another post one of these days.

Left= Deep Throat
Right= Orgasm

Top= Deep Throat
Bottom= Orgasm

I had lasagna with creamy white sauce for "lunch" at work. It was bought for PHP70 at the food fair along Emerald Ave. being held every Friday night. Look at how big the serving size is!

Plus it's not just all pasta. It is meaty too! And uber yummy! ^_^

I dunno if I should get another NARS blush or the Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder next week as my last birthday gift to myself. Help me?

By they way, I just freakin' realized something. Maricar Reyes on the Hayden scandal is a (high) school mate of mine. That's why she looked awfully familiar. I was a freshman and she was a senior together with Carol Banawa back then. Jeez! She's always been that pretty anyway.

Ta ta! ^_^


  1. i guess you ought to try Kryolan naman for a change

  2. hehee nice gifts.anyway advance happy birthday to you!!!

  3. Nice haul, err, gift ^_^

    Advance happy birthday sis!

    The lasagna looks yummy! Argh! I'm now craving for it...

  4. Thiamere, yeah, for a change. Gracias. :)

    Shobe, merci beaucoup. :)

    Golden, merci beaucoup & bon appetit. ^_^

  5. wow love your hauls and you deserve it!!!! I'd love to purchase MAC tinted lip conditioner, I planned to purchase one before but I don't know why I put it back! hmmmm..

    Really? Maricar Reyes is your schoolmate? I'm sure she looks pretty even way back!

  6. Nikki, maybe this time, you should go get that MAC TLC. It is really moisturizing and leaves the lips smooth and supple. :)

    Yeah, her looks never changed. Exactly how she looked like way back then.

  7. aww. lovely things. advanced happy birthday!

  8. awww... happy birthday pam :)

    re: ur question about getting nars blush or kryolan.

    kryolan would be a great addition to your makeup stash. i am planning to buy in the future :)

    happy birthday again and may the Good Lord bless you with a happy year.

  9. Thanks, Jing. :)

    Yeah, I decided to get a product or two from Kryolan. :)

  10. nice birthday haul sis! too bad lara isn't there. we didnt buy anything from NARS last week since lara is on a lunchbreak, sayang freebie. LOL

    nice blog btw!

  11. So we're schoolmates!!! haha! And Maricar used to be my neighbor. I used to have a huge crush on her brother; too bad he's short :D

    Anyway, I love your blog. Your reviews are comprehensive and well-written. Is that a Bridgetine trademark? I'm definitely following

  12. Oh my! My fellow Bridgetine. :P
    She seems tall and her brother's short? That's funny. :D

    I dunno, I was part of The Bridgetine way back in HS, could be. Thanks for following. :)


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