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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mini Blush Haul: Victoria's Secret and Physician's Formula

At last! The two pretty blushes I purchased via eBay came in last Monday and Tuesday. I received my Physician's Formula Baked Blush in Baked Berry last Monday and the Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Mosaic Blush in Afterglow. I got both for PHP550 and PHP405 respectively.

Physician's Formula Wet/Dry Baked Blush in Baked Berry
-this is a very pretty blush and received positive reviews on MakeUpAlley
-reminds me of MAC mineralized blushes/skin finish
-pigmented and is best used with a stippling/duo fiber brush
-has a very cute compact with a mirror and small cheek brush inside
-not really a berry shade but more of a peach-pink shade that somehow resembles ELF Glow

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Mosaic Blush in Afterglow
-received mixed reviews at MakeUpAlley
-some complained about it being too pink, though in my opinion, it is not really that pink- just right
-a very pretty luminous blush that goes on sheer and buildable


Left: VS AfterGlow
Right: PF Baked Berry

I am happy with my recent purchases. How I missed shopping for make up!

Oh, I would just like to share a recent favorite snack that I like to munch on at work.

It's Quaker Oats Oatmeal Cookie in Honey Nuts. Yummy yet a healthy snack. ^_^

I am feeling kinda drowsy right now since the medicine's taking effect. By the way, I am now taking Melatonin and a certain med that can help me sleep well during the day. I was advised to take these two by my doctor cousin. :)


  1. The VS Blush looks nice.

    I love cookies made from oatmeal, especially those that my Mom used to bake.

  2. wonderful haul and they look so pretty!
    Pammy you take care of your health ok? and I hope you sleep better!

  3. im a blush fan pammy. and i like this post.

  4. Khymm, thanks! I do like seeing your hauls too. :)

    Golden, it is really nice. But the Physician's Formula is nicer. I love oatmeal cookies too. I bake some when I'm not tamad. :)

    Nikki, yes they are pretty! Thanks, I will. Oh, I slept for like 10 hours today which is awesome. :)

    GirLWithGLasses, i am a blush fan too. I like blushes more than any other make up. :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. i'm one blush addict too! although I only have MAC and NARS, hope to try Bobbi Brown next!

  7. Lelila, it's bad to start with MAC and NARS because they get you addicted to blushes. I hope you'll like Bobbi Brown too. :)

  8. i agree, haha. can't get enough of their blushes.

    once you pop you cant stop!

  9. ^
    Wait til you try the Kryolan blushes. Plus they are waaay cheaper, like almost half the price of one MAC or NARS blush. :)

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