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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Help with MAC 187!

I need help with my MAC 187. The big problem is that I can't remove the blush stain on the white bristles. I already washed it with J&J baby wash, I did deep cleaning, and I did the tip a fellow GTalker gave on using a gentle facial wash yet the stubborn stain is still there. Look at the pictures.

What can I do to get rid of the stains and make the bristles white again? Any tips/suggestions? Thanks :)

EDIT: Here's an update on the brush.

I first tried washing it with Pantene shampoo (good thing that is my shampoo) but to no avail.
Then I used a gentle dishwasher I saw on the storage cabinet but nada.
I washed it with an antibacterial handwash and still, the stubborn stain is there.

I got my Smashbox brush cleaner and poured a little on a clear glass just enough for the white bristles and soaked it in there for an hour. Then shampooed the bristles again.

I am so happy to say that the stain's almost gone but there's still a little left. So I might just go ahead and buy that cleanser at Healthy Options. I am now desperate to make the bristles white again. :P

By the way, I swear I'll never use my 187 on a Kryolan blush again. It's the culprit! That's how pigmented that blush is. Most of the time, the stain's gone when I used MAC or NARS or any other brand.

Thanks for all the helpful tips. :)


  1. I have an imported dishwasher that has conditioner called Ivory, you can also purchase the Palmolive dishwashing liquid with conditioner. I mix it together with the baby shampoo and the stains are gone!

    I know what you mean about the white stippling brush, it stains like crazy and it was all clean with a moisturizing dishwashing liquid :) Goodluck!

  2. Oh. Thanks Nikki. I'll try that. I hope it works. :)

  3. I had that same problem with my 187!

    Try soaking in makeup remover, then try dipping in oil. What worked for me was Pantene shampoo.

  4. Great! I'll try that tomorrow. Thanks :)

  5. Hi Pammy!

    I found a solution for that, I really hate it when there stains left on white bristles..

    What i use(and works like a dream) is Dr. Bronner's Tea Tree Pure Castille Liquid Soap i got from Healthy Options. It costs 500 i think but it lasted me 6 or more months to finish it coz it's very concentrated.. plus it's good coz it has tea tree oil.

    Anyway, before using this i have never seen my white bristle brushes look like they're brand new again. hope this'll help.

  6. Thanks for the suggestion Kay. But it's expensive! I'll buy that one when the suggestions made by Shasta and Nikki doesn't work. But that sounds really good. :)

  7. Interesting blog. I'll go back here if I already need a new blush on. ;D

  8. Have you tried using an oil based cleanser? I personall havent tried it though, but some say it works. Ive tried using an eye makeup remover to remove stains on my 219 though it didnt go away completely

  9. Hi! I haven't. I don't like oil. :( And the thought of using anything with oil on my 187 scares me. Thanks for the suggestion, though. Stay pretty. :)


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